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Rebecca cooling
7 days ago

Hi been trying to download tour pdf 5 pound meals and chance you could email them to me please

a month ago

I have today purchased the downloadable budget planner and can't download it. Would you be able to send it to me via e mail? Thank you

Linsey Thornley
3 months ago

Hi I’ve just ordered the meal planning book an about to go shopping so I can make some of your £5 meals I’m really looking forward to cooking again I was wondering if you could send me the print outs of the meals please it’s fine if not

Aquilla Newble
4 months ago

Good afternoon. I just bought the spreadsheet budget planner and it didn’t download. It kept saying something was wrong then disappeared. How can I get this back? Thanks

5 months ago

I found you on TikTok and I really enjoy your £5 meals, I was just wondering if there’s anywhere that your recipes are typed out, easier for me to follow.
Thank you

6 months ago

Hiya, I can’t get your £5 meals pdf to open or download, any chance you could email it to me, sorry to be a pain 🥺

9 months ago

Hi lovely, hope you are doing well.... I've been trying to download all of your stuff and I don't know why but its just not downloading. Would it be at all possible to send me the links... thanks as I know this would definitely help me out. I too struggle with the coat of living I'm in a council house and also struggling with heath issues. Your meals and budgeting tips are amazing... your an awesome mum, your doing fantastic. I would really appreciate it xx

9 months ago

I just want to say that, I'm a single mum of 5 and what people would class as a 'professional'..i still live in a council house and struggle with the cost of living and feeding us all. I think your website is an absolute God send and an inspiration to so many and I wanted to thank you! I will be sharing this where I can. I'm not on any social media but saw an article with this link on which i will definitely be using. Well done and thank you, again x

10 months ago

Saw your news post and thought it was great. Feed your kids and don’t care what people think.
Do you know a site called “Olio” it’s fab. You can collect the reduced items from stores ie Tesco, Waitrose, ice land and many more. Sometimes it’s a car full 😁. It’s all free which is fab, you can keep 10% of what you collect from a store and share the rest with other users. Or just collect from designated food waste hero’s in your area, they come to you so no travelling. You can also obtain or give away house hold items, clothing etc again for free. Take a look it changed my life.

Michelle Jones
10 months ago

Hi Nikki Thank you for a wonderful website. This is really helpful and a lovely thing to do to help others suffering financial problems. It is really good at this time as I will try some of the ideas and hope that they help.