Hi All,

My name is Nikki, I am 36 Years old, a wife and mum of 2 boys.

All my life I have been called 'Monica Geller' of the family.

I have always loved to organise anything and everything, I love to plan and create and although I was never good at crafts when I was young, I was willing to learn as I grew older and now enjoy knitting and sewing.

I have grown up my entire life as working class and have struggled financially over the years.

For the last three years I have taken control of my finances and now managing to save for the future and pay off debts.

Hopefully if you follow me on Tiktok you will gain ideas on how to budget, save and be a little more savvy with your money.  From Charity shop hauls, cheap days out and cutting food costs there are so many ways to get back on track and start looking towards the future you dreamed of having.

Love Nikki x